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Employment Opportunities


Current Openings:

  1. Jr/Sr High Principal  (Please use certified teacher application, and email current resume, 2-3 current letters of reference, and a cover letter, along with application to
  2. Jr/Sr High English Teacher 
  3. HS Social Studies Teacher 
  4. Jr High Science Teacher 
  5. CTE Teacher (part time) (CTE endorsement can be in any area since it will be for JH CTE classes.) 
  6. Jr/Sr High PE Teacher (part time)
  7. Elementary Teacher

NEEDED: Licensed Substitute Teachers

HSD is now paying licensed substitute teachers $120 per day AND after you substitute teach for three days in Haxtun School District, we will reimburse you for your licensing fee plus $10!

Please submit your application for your substitute license TODAY through CDE at the link below:


Step 1:  Get Fingerprinted

Prior to completing your application, you will need to be fingerprinted. Set up an appointment at the location of your choice at

Once at the Colorado Fingerprinting site, register for a background check. The Haxtun School District CBI Unique Code is: 1134ETPI.

Please read more information about how to get fingerprinted at the following link:


Step 2:  Submit Your Substitute Teaching Application to CDE


Step 3:  Submit an Employment Application with Haxtun School District (See above)


Step 4:  Resources for Substitute Teaching

If you need help completing your substitute application or registering for fingerprinting, please call our school office, and we would be happy to help you!

Salary Schedule